Anorexia means loss of appetite. It is a symptom of disturbed digestion and common results from failure of activity of the stomach and secretion of gastric juices due to low vitality which, in turn, can be due to various causes.


  • Person suffering from this disease may refuse to eat .
  • Generally they suffer from Insomnia also.

Root Causes

People suffer from anorexia when they habitually take a faulty diet and hardly do any physical work. It may cause from physical stress and strain. It also can be caused by mental or domestic worry, emotional disturbances. Difficult working condition and nervous disorder also may cause Anorexia. General body disorder and diseases also lead to this condition.

Useful Herbs

  • Lime
  • Ginger
  • Garlic
  • Orange
  • Apple

Ayurvedic Supplements

  • Agnitundi Bati                  
  • Kshudhakari Bati             
  • Amalki Rasayan               

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