Tonsillitis refers to acute inflammation of the tonsils, which lie, one on each side of the throat, Chronic tonsillitis is a term applied to cases in which there is enlargement of the tonsils accompanied by repeated attacks of infection.


  • The main symptoms of tonsillitis are sore throat, fever, headache, and pain in various parts of the body, difficulty in swallowing and general weakness.
  • The tonsils are seen to be inflamed and red when the mouth is opened wide .
  • In many cases, spots of push exude from them.
  • Externally, the tonsillar lymph glands, which lie just behind the angle of the jaw, are tender and enlarged.
  • In severe cases, there may be pain in the ear.

Root Causes

  • The chief causes of tonsillitis are a toxic condition of the system, which is brought to a head by a sudden lowering of vitality, resulting from exposure and sudden chill.
  • The tonsils enlarge and get inflamed when the toxins cannot be got rid of through the normal channels of elimination such as the bowels, kidneys and skin.
  • A throat affliction of this kind is also associated with and is the result of chronic constipation, when toxins are reabsorbed into the bloodstream.

Useful Herbs

  • Lime
  • Milk
  • Holy Basil
  • Fenugreek Seeds

Ayurvedic Supplements

  • Kasamrit Herbal      
  • Khadiradi Bati          


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