Fruits and Vegetables

Fruits and Vegetables match our body parts in shape

Mother Earth has blessed us with different fruits and vegetables matching our body parts for health conservation, prevention from ailments and health promotion. After a lot of research and studies we have tried to scientifically classify it into categories.

Composition of walnut is similar to our brain:

  • Walnut too has ascents, descents, crevices and veins just as we find in our brain. It is also divided into two parts as our brain cerebrum is divided into two (right & left) parts.
  • Scientists have found out that, walnuts has essential Alpha-linolenic Omega-3 fatty acid, Flavonoids and Vitamin-E, necessary for strengthening mind and thus helps in keeping Dementia and depression.
  • It is the best dietary supplement for those involved in intrinsic mental activities.

Pistachio, Amla and Almonds are similar to eyes:

  • The green coating inside a pistachio is good for eyes.
  • The great sage Chyavan got back his youth and eyesight by using amla.
  • Even the almonds are good for eyes.
  • Beta-Carotine present in carrots, papaya, mango, beets and radish leaves are benefactor for eyes.

Raisins are similar to Gall Bladder:

  • Gall bladder stores the gall juices formed in the liver and collected through the hypotic duct. The gall juice helps in digesting fat in the duodenum of the small intestine through the bile duct. It is similar to raisin in shape and
  • raisins are helpful in any sort of gall bladder related ailments,
  • but due to excessive consumption of fatty and sweet products causes gall stones.

Composition of Pomegranate is similar to teeth:

  • Pomegranate is of ultimate importance for the teeth.
  • Any tooth ailment gives way to heart ailments and hence in order to get rid of heart and tooth related diseases one should consume pomegranate.
  • After consuming sour fruits or their juices one must gargle as acidic food affects the enamel of the tooth.

Mango, beets and apple are like heart:

  • The micronutrients present in apple and mango strengthens the coronary arteries and the heart muscles and thus prevents it from ailments.
  • Diabetics should prefer beets over mangoes.
  • Cashew, beans are similar to kidney in shape and thus they help in kidney related ailments, but should be avoided in kidney failure and nephrotic syndrome.
  • Orange is helpful in kidney and stomach related ailments.

Gourd and zucchini are like stomach:

  • The vegetable or juice of gourd or zucchini is beneficial in acidity, burning sensation or gastric trouble.
  • Hyaluronic acid, Vitamin B, complex beta carotine anthosinine, amyl acetate beta carotene, alpha toco-pherol and many other micro nutrients present in some bananas, carrots, radish, long brinjal, sweet potatoes empowers the reproductive organs and increases the sex power which takes care of impotency.
  • Sperm count, sperm mobility and the intercourse capacity is increased.
  • These foods can take care of erectile dysfunction and
  • bananas have benlac lectin which could even kill the aids virus. It also prevents from sexually transmitted diseases.

Long cucumber is similar to intestines:

  • Cucumber juice is beneficial in the swelling and
  • many ailments of intestines.

Vagina shaped wheat:

  • Sprouted wheat is a blessing for women as it is the best food and medicine for all gynecological ailments.
  • Alpha toco-pherol, super oxide dismutase, enzymes, vitamin B complex and many other micronutrients present in wheat sprouts help keep passion, youth, beauty and health for long. Thus, adding on to life and health.
  • Many women have tested successfully with the sprouted wheat and naturopathy who lost their fetus due to chromosomal mismatch.
  • Sprouted wheat is anti-sterile, anti-infertility, anti impotency and beauty enhancer.

Uterus shaped Pear:

  • Pear or its juice is beneficial in all uterus related ailments.

Prostate shaped Pumpkin seed:

  • Pumpkin seeds have rich amount of androgen hormones and zinc which empowers the prostate glands.
  • Consumption of 10 gms of pumpkin seeds on a daily basis takes care of all prostate and sex related issues.
  • Zinc helps in impotency and erectile dysfunction.

Body shaped ginseng:

  • Ginseng the famous Chinese herb has many relative types found in red, white, Korean or Siberia.
  • Red ginseng helps the immune system and its use takes away stress and tiredness.
  • Ginseng is considered as the treasure of athletic and sexual power though it could not be proved as yet.
  • Excessive use leads to tachycardia, insomnia, high blood pressure and addiction.

Nose shaped onion:

  • Sulphur compounds S.Alyle Sistine, Dialyletrisulphide, Alisin, Alix etc present in onion and garlic could kill the rhinovirus of cold.
  • They could kill the germs in the lungs and nose and thus cures the common ailments of respiratory organs.


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