Spices Good for Stomach and Intestines

It is a wrong concept that spices are harmful to the stomach. Many spices do not allow gas formation in stomach and intestines. They are useful in constipation and hemorrhoids.


Carom seed, black pepper, ginger, fenugreek, cumin, clove, cardamom and asafetida are all very useful for the body. Proper utilization of spices makes liver strong, which continue to work with full efficiency. Spices also help in gastric troubles.

Turmeric helps in curing constipation and piles. Daily at night, take one spoon full of turmeric powder with milk to keep all these diseases at bay.

Celery Seeds for Stomach and Intestines

Celery seed are used for stomach, acidity, and burning sensation after meals, pain in intestines, constipation and other diseases. The seeds and leaves of celery are beneficial in cough, asthma, vomiting, kidney problem, urine problem, joint pain and menses problem. Celery seeds are also used as tonic. Powder and decoction of Celery are utilized often and is beneficial to clean and wash stomach.


Celery seed 10 grams, black salt 3 grams, asafetida 2 milligram when crushed finely and mixed to form powder and when taken with 4 milli gram hot water gives relief in stomach pain and ignites hunger. After delivery, jiggery and celery when mixed and taken twice, morning and evening it gives relief in waist pain. It purifies uterus and generates hunger and the body turns stronger.


Asafetida for Stomach and Intestines

  • In Indigestion, stomach ache, acidity, intestine pain and bitter belching use of asafetida is very useful.
  • For heart ailment, cough, asthma, gout, insects in intestines, and irregularity in menstrual problem asafetida gives excellent results.
  • A little asafetida, taken with curd cures dysentery.
  • Asafetida, when mixed in hot water and placed around bellybutton and
  • if a little amount of asafetida is roasted and taken with honey, the problem of belching is solved.

Take roasted asafetida one gram mixed with 15 grams of dry or fresh leaves of margosa, 15 grams roasted cumin and 1 gram each camphor and water when crushed and mixed to form small balls. Take 3-4 balls at night before sleeping. It would give relief in all stomach ailments and piles. Take ginger, black pepper, rock salt, white cumin, black cumin and celery seed in equal quantity and then add asafetida power to it. Mix them well and take the powder twice a day, after mixing it with half spoon ghee before taking meals. It would give total benefit of the meal. This powder is also known as Hingwashtak powder.


Black Pepper for Stomach and Intestines

  • Fine black pepper when mixed with one forth proportion of butter milk and taken, it helps in cleaning the stomach as insects are washed away, alive or dead.
  • Black pepper has the treatment of cough due to cold and sputum, asthma and chest pain. It washes away entire cough deposited in lungs.
  • Mix black pepper with honey and it would treat cough deposition. Cough, asthma, chest pain all are treated with the help of black pepper.
  • For gastric troubles take 2 grams of black pepper and later take warm water, mixed with lemon juice and continue the process for 10-12 days. It would give relief.
    Also memory enhances when black pepper is taken with 30 grams of butter and sugar. It removes the weakness of the brain.
  • In many other diseases mix black pepper, rock salt, cumin, ginger and take with honey twice or thrice a day.

Cinnamon for Stomach and Intestines

  • Take cinnamon and cardamom, half gram each, mix with half gram of ginger powder, when taken before meals, it treats constipation and the patient feels hungry.
  • Due to problem in bile, vomiting could take place and to get relief take cinnamon powder with honey three-four times a day. It would give relief.
  • Two grams of cinnamon, when mixed with 2 grams of water, it gives relief in diarrhea.

Ginger for Stomach and Intestines

  • Mix juice of one KG ginger with similar quantity of water and 100 grams of sugar and boil on light fire. When the mixture gets concentrated, mix cardamom, ficus religiosa, black pepper and cloves each 5 grams. Keep it in glass utensil. It is a better treatment for digestion and 10 grams of it helps in fast digestion besides giving benefit in cough and breathing problem.
  • Pickle of ginger also helps indigestion.
  • Mix 5 grams juice of pomegranate with another 5 grams of ginger and when taken twice a day in morning and evening, it treats bile problem. 
  • For indigestion, take 10 grams of ginger juice and mix with 10 grams of lemon juice and dissolve it with rock salt.
  • Mix five grams of ginger juice, with rock salt and powder of black pepper, which is helpful in vomiting problem.
  • The juice of ginger, when taken with water, it helps in ascites problem.
  • When ginger juice is mixed with candy, it is very useful for health.

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