Aloe vera

Ghritkumari – (Aloe vera)


  • Used for liver & spleen disorder.
  • Promotes & regulates menstrual period.
  • Hair vitalizer.

Liver disorder: Indian aloe is a form of cactus. After peeling the hard skin, the pulp to be cored from inside. Take a leaf from the pulp with black salt and ginger juice every morning for 10 days. 

Promotes hair growth /arrests hair loss: Mix Aloe Vera gel with, castor oil, olive oil and apply.

Skin nourisher: Massage a blend of castor and mustard oil with aloe vera gel into your skin and wait for the magic!

Ayurvedic Supplements

  • Kumari asava
  • Kumari asava no – 3
  • Rajahpravartani bati


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